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Invoice Finance Throughout Glasgow and the UK

Free up the cash flow of your business

Invoice finance improves the cash flow of your business through the purchase of unpaid invoices by a third party which frees up capital before your customers have paid. In the United Kingdom, Factoring and Invoice Discounting are the two main forms of invoice financing. Factoring is when a business sells its outstanding invoices to a lender and receives an advance, which is typically between 70-90% of the value of the invoice. This frees up cash for the business and secures working capital to meet expenses. Assuming the lender receives full payment for the invoices, the business receives a ‘rebate’ for the remainder of the funds. This can have a favourable outcome for all parties. However, it is worth noting that customers will be aware of the arrangement, and this could potentially reflect poorly on the business.

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Immediate cash available to cover overheads

Invoice finance is when a lender advances a business a sum of money against unpaid invoices. The amount depends on the agreement with the lender and can be up to 95% of the total value. This gives the business immediate cash to cover overheads, and as customers pay their invoices, this money goes to the lender. The process is similar to factoring, except the business, not the lender, collects payments from customers.

This means that the process is confidential between you and your lender, and the customer will not be made aware of the arrangement. When it comes to invoice finance, Baxter Ramsay have encountered a range of situations with our clients, giving us extensive experience dealing with all manner of problems and solutions. We will only provide you with the best solution on the marketplace to ensure you and your business are given the best possible opportunity.

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Allowing you to reinvest and grow

Baxter Ramsay have access to an impressive range of contacts throughout the UK who specialise in invoice finance. We can help guide you through the process, and our advice will free up much needed time which would otherwise be spent worrying about chasing up customers for payment. Invoice finance is one of the most efficient, reliable methods to help any business of any size, shape or type deal with their cash flow problems. It is an extremely useful and effective process whereby businesses are much better placed to pay employees and suppliers as well as reinvest in operations and growth earlier than they could than if they had to wait until their customers paid them. Invoice financing can also solve problems associated with customers taking a long time to pay and difficulties obtaining other types of business credit. At Baxter Ramsay, our experts have years of experience dealing with business cash flow problems and arranging appropriate invoice financing tailored to your individual needs. To speak to one of our experts, contact us today on 0800 246 5603.

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