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Business Growth Funding

Business growth funding can mean many things; selling more, investing more, or hiring more people. However, this can only be done if you have the funding in place to implement your growth strategy and meet your objectives.

All businesses should have a business growth objective, but it is often the case for any SME that one of the biggest frustrations is accessing the finance to meet costs that come with business growth. In addition to the financing itself, you need access to good advice and support to help put a plan in place to secure the capital which will accelerate growth.

With over 30 years of experience in the financial services sectors, Baxter Ramsay is well placed to assist your business. We can add real value to the process and provide systematic steps for business growth. We can help refine and add credibility to your business plan, offer professional, relevant advice on dealing with banks and/or lenders, and additional funding opportunities.

Reasons for Raising Finance for Business

Raising capital for any business can be challenging, but it is a necessary step if you want your business to grow and move forward. Moreover, investment and raising capital is key for the long-term financial stability and a secure future for the business.

Here at Baxter Ramsay, we have helped a wide range of clients raise capital over the years.

This funding was most commonly used for:

Business Growth Funding

Small Business Growth Funding

Starting a small business is a dream for many people, and one of the primary considerations is how the business will be funded. This is were we will apply our business growth funding expertise.

We know what investors are looking for when injecting capital into a small business, and we will review your requirements and assist you in preparing a professional business plan which demonstrates how your business is going to make money and sets realistic goals to meet.

It is crucial that you choose the right business finance specialist to steer you in the right direction, and Baxter Ramsay will ensure that the process is a manageable one.

Business Growth Funding

Asset Finance Solutions

Asset financing is another tool which can be utilised to help your business grow, and there are a multitude of assets that can make a significant difference to your business.

If your business requires equipment, software or vehicles, asset finance solutions will give you access to the capital necessary to invest, and move your business forward. This will help your business gain the assets it needs to achieve your wider goals in the long term.

At Baxter Ramsay, we can provide you with professional advice and a practical plan which tailors an asset finance solution to match your company’s aspirations.