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Company Voluntary Arrangement

Steering you through difficult times

A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is an agreement between an insolvent company and its creditors which allows a company to pay back a percentage of their debts over an extended period of time. It is a reliable, fair way to ensure your company can transition through difficult and challenging periods whilst alleviating stress and concern on your part. A Company Voluntary Arrangement is one of the most common forms of business rescue and will ensure you are put at ease by providing a comprehensive, industry-approved solution that will help steer your company through difficult and adverse times. If your creditors agree to a Company Voluntary Arrangement proposal, your insolvent company can pay creditors over a fixed period of time whilst continuing to trade. Typically, the agreement consolidates your company’s debts into a single monthly payment until you have paid the debt off.

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Acting on your Behalf

A fighting chance to survive

A Company Voluntary Arrangement process can improve your business cash flow and make trading easier, giving your company a fighting chance to survive as well as some much needed breathing space. At Baxter Ramsay, we will act on behalf of your company directors to work out an agreement with your creditors with regards to the amount of debt which you will pay, and a suitable repayment schedule. Entering into a Company Voluntary Arrangement allows your struggling company to protect itself against trading losses, as well as terminate employee contracts and lease agreements without having to pay redundancy costs or termination fees. Here at Baxter Ramsay, we can assist you to prepare your proposal to creditors and introduce you to a suitable insolvency practitioner, who will vet the proposal and assist in convening the creditors’ meeting.

Why Choose a Company Voluntary Arrangement

Working to ensure a positive outcome

Once the Company Voluntary Arrangement is agreed, your business will continue to trade and make scheduled payments through the insolvency practitioner who will act as a supervisor. The advantages of a Company Voluntary Arrangement process are considerable, including:

  • The ability to repay a percentage of your unsecured creditors saving much needed cash
  • Potential to terminate employment and lease agreements with no cost
  • Protects historical trading losses for tax purposes
  • Stops pressure from HMRC and other creditors
  • Creditors can retain you as a customer with repayment of their ‘old’ debt
  • It can stop winding up petitions
  • Protects the owner’s investment in their business
  • Improves cash flow

Baxter Ramsay will take you through the process and work as your trusted adviser to ensure a positive outcome. In today’s modern economy and financial climate, even the most efficient and well-run company can encounter difficulties and hardship. That is why Baxter Ramsay are here to provide trustworthy, comprehensive Company Voluntary Arrangements. We want to see you through adversity, hardship and difficult times so you come out the other side rejuvenated and ready to start anew.

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