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Equity Funding

Helping your business grow

Are you looking to raise capital to grow your business? Need advice on where to obtain suitable equity funding?

With over 30 years’ of experience in financial services, Baxter Ramsay can help. Equity funding involves selling part of your business – as shares – to an investor. It can be an effective way to raise money for start-ups and new businesses who have no revenue streams or significant assets, but can also be useful for more established businesses that have ambitious growth strategies and require investment ahead of increased revenues. For new, smaller companies shares can potentially be offered to friends and family while for larger corporations and institutions, as a large public offering. It is a method of funding ultimately, with many great advantages for any size, shape or type of business.

Equity Funding Specialists

Successfully raising equity for businesses

Baxter Ramsay have successfully raised equity funding for a number of businesses. We would be happy to discuss how this form of funding could work for your business, and can help you prepare a robust business plan which will enable you to source investors. It is also important to solicit professional advice when raising equity funding as any errors in the share structure or shareholder agreements can be expensive to rectify at a later date. Equity funding is essentially the sale of an ownership interest in your business which is why the process must be administered correctly and professionally to ensure there are no ramifications for you and your company. At Baxter Ramsay, we have years of experience helping clients raise equity funding in order to prosper in their respective fields. We will involve you every step of the way to ensure the business plan we create is to your liking but also one we are confident is the best for you.

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The principal advantages of equity finance include:

  • Investors will only recoup their investment if you succeed, so there is less risk.
  • The debt will not require costly repayments, so you can reinvest the money back into your business.
  • If your business starts to flourish, subsequent funding becomes easier to obtain.
  • Investors can enhance your network of industry professionals, bringing further key skills into your business.

All of our experts are fully-accredited, experienced and knowledgeable in all of the above areas, giving you much needed peace of mind the service you are receiving is one of the best in the industry. Baxter Ramsay are fully committed to your success by offering expert, insightful advice tailored to your own individual needs and requirements. To speak to one of our experts now, contact us today on 0141 332 0272 or email enquiries@baxterramsay.co.uk.