Problems Arising From Insolvency

Whatever type of personal guarantee your client has we can help.

Working alongside our trusted partners Personal Guarantees UK, we can help your clients achieve the best commercial settlements for personal guarantee claims and other claims arising from insolvency,

Whether you are an  Insolvency Practitioner , Accountant  or   Solicitor , when you have a client facing personal claims arising out of insolvency, it can be difficult to know where to refer them to a safe pair of hands.

Baxter Ramsay who partner Personal Guarantees UK, are a professional services consultancy, providing specialist advice and solutions to business owners.

Business owners or individuals can face many different personal claims including:

  • Bank guarantee claims
  • Property lease guarantees
  • Obligations from hire purchase/finance leases
  • Guarantees on trade accounts
  • Overdrawn directors’ loan accounts
  • Antecedent transactions – actions taken while acting as a director

How does the Personal Guarantees UK service to clients benefit your practice?
 Insolvency Practitioners 

By referring clients to Baxter Ramsay, either pre or post appointment, your practice will benefit in the following ways:

  • Referring clients pre appointment can help differentiate your own practice from your competitors
  • Advising directors post appointment on directors’ loan accounts can prove time consuming and this is where Baxter Ramsay can expedite potential recoveries for creditors
  • Relationships with work providing Accountants can be enhanced by utilising Baxter Ramsay to engage with accountancy firms and their clients



When a client’s business fails it means you are potentially losing a client and fee income. Baxter Ramsay will assist to save the client’s business and mitigate any personal claims against the owners

  • A safe pair of hands to advise your clients and resolve their claims but also provide independent assistance on other aspects of the insolvency process
  • Improved client retention and client satisfaction
  • Securing fee income and client business moving forward



Clients with personal guarantees often believe there is a legitimate legal challenge based on the paperwork or the manner in which they were signed. Once you have explored the legal options, in many cases, it may not make either commercial sense to challenge the personal guarantee or claim, or there may not be a robust enough case to pursue it further. So what next for the client? By referring Personal Guarantee UK’s service you can offer your clients an alternative informal negotiated service to resolve the claim and achieve the best outcome possible based on their financial position.

Referred clients who go on to resolve their personal guarantee claim with a positive financial result are more likely to use your legal services again in the future

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