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Members’ Voluntary Liquidation

Retire your company solvent and debt free

Liquidation can seem the worst possible outcome for any company and its owner. It is like the end of all of your hard work, endeavour and ambition. At Baxter Ramsay, we aim to educate our clients on all of the possibilities that can occur in the event of liquidation; that there can be a silver lining to the prospect of liquidation: members’ voluntary liquidation. Liquidation occurs when a company is insolvent and unable to pay its obligations as and when they are due. The company’s operations are forcibly brought to an end and its assets picked apart and divided up amongst its creditors and shareholders. Members’ voluntary liquidation on the other hand is when the company is solvent and able to pay its debts. Like the name suggests it is purely voluntary: you may want to retire, step down from running a family business or you simply don’t want to run the business any more.

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Members’ Voluntary Liquidation Experts

Advice and information on winding up options

At Baxter Ramsay, our experience, expertise and industry knowledge has seen us handle many instances of members’ voluntary liquidation on behalf of our clients. We understand how you may have fulfilled a lifetime’s ambition of running your own business and simply wish to retire with a nicely built up nest egg. We are here to provide all necessary advice and information on the best options for you and your company. We have worked with numerous clients over the years who have opted for such an option and have seen it through to fruition with success and satisfaction. We will discuss all of the necessary steps of members’ voluntary liquidation with you such as making a declaration of solvency; having it signed by all or the majority of directors in front of a solicitor; calling a general meeting with shareholders no more than 5 weeks later and passing a resolution for voluntary winding up; appointing an authorised insolvency practitioner, like Baxter Ramsay, as a liquidator who will take charge of winding up the company; advertising the resolution in The Gazette; and sending the declaration of liquidation to Companies House or form 4.25 to the Accountant in Bankruptcy (for Scottish companies).


Members’ Voluntary Liquidation UK Wide

Explaining the process with clarity and expertise

Members’ voluntary liquidation is one of the most efficient, reliable methods of rolling up your company professionally with the minimum of fuss. If it all seems highly complicated and stressful there is no need to worry as Baxter Ramsay have seen it all through the years and will be with you all of the way to ensure the process is completed correctly. Our trusted, professional and experienced advisors will explain the entire process for you with clarity and expertise, alleviating any concerns you may have had to begin with. When it comes to the process of members’ voluntary liquidation, there is no company better placed or experienced than Baxter Ramsay. We understand our clients have worked hard to get their companies to the levels of success they are at which is we provide a full, comprehensive service to ensure your success does not go unrewarded when you want to wind up your company.

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